SQL POS System

First-Rate POS System in Sabah

SQL POS System

First-Rate POS System in Sabah

Why Choose SQL Pos System

Powerful POS System in Sabah

At Golink, we strive for convenient solutions to help streamline business processes. SQL POS offers seamless integration with SQL Account, so you can have better control over your operations and make more informed decisions.

SQL POS System in Sabah | SQL Sabah

Our Packages

Customised packages to match your business needs

Fresh Mart

We provide a professional fresh mart POS system in Sabah.


We provide a complete workshop POS system in Sabah.


We provide an efficient POS system for retail and F&B in Sabah.

Service Industry

We provide an integrated POS system for the service industry in Sabah.

Wholesale Industry

We provide an effective POS system for the wholesale industry in Sabah.

Reinvent Your Business with SQL POS​

Maximising business efficiency

    • Real-Time Updates
      Prompt inventory synchronisation for better stock management

    • Centralised Inventory
      Simplify your operations and access your stock, all in one place

  • Flexible Item Types
    Support multiple warehouses, serial number, batch expiry date control, and unlimited multiple pricing
    • Multiple Payment Methods
      Accept multiple forms of payment in-store as well as partial payment
    • Hold Bills
      Increase business efficiency by allowing unlimited on-hold bills
    • Optimal Working Experience
      Maintain working speed even during the busiest hours
    • Easy Navigation
      Our POS system is user-friendly with easy-to-use software (straightforward interface) and hardware (fully touch screen and keyboard-friendly).
    • Online/Offline
      Support both online and offline mode

Transform Your Business with SQL POS

Manage your inventory effectively